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August 23, 2013
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Half way to Orihime’s house Ichigo got annoyed that you almost tripped every step you took, so he picked you up, carrying you bridal style. "Why do you keep doing this?" He looked down at you "What? Carrying you like this? It's because you keep tripping" you didn't respond, just sighed. Once at Orihime’s Ichigo let you down and knocked on the door, soon opened by Chad "Hey Chad, where's Orihime?" "She when to go take a shower" he walked in, holding onto your wrist so you weren't left outside. "Hi Chad!" you smile at him "Hello _____"

"What are you up to Chad?" Chad sat down by the table and scanned over movies in front of him "Seeing which movie I want to watch. Orihime wanted to see Ice Age Continental Drift, but don't you think we're a little old for that?" Ichigo nodded "But knowing Orihime" you shot up "Wait! She has the next Ice Age!" They stared at you for a moment "Yea, why?" You blushed "Well, that's the only one I haven't seen" you blushed more as you heard Ichigo and Chad try to keep in giggles "Grr, it's not funny!" That just made them laugh more. Rukia turned from the video game her and Tatsuki were playing "Guess that makes it Ice Age"

"Hey Ichigo! _____! Oh and ____, if you want to go take a shower you can go now" you nodded "Thanks Orihime" you walked up the stairs with you bag. You didn't know Ichigo's eyes were on you the whole time. Once you were up stairs Ichigo let out a relief sigh. Orihime poked his cheek "Aww, someone likes _____!" Ichigo blushed "No I don't!" After a long awkward silence Ichigo spook up "You think she'll be alright in there?" "Ichigo. She is 15, which means she's been in a shower many times, I'm sure she knows how to handle herself in one" Chad said bluntly. You didn't take long; you didn't want to keep them waiting.

You exited the bathroom, slowly walking down the stairs. Once you made it to the bottom you shouted "Let's get this movie started!" you shot your fist into the air "I like your enthusiasm ______!" Orihime replied. They all smiled at you. Orihime popped in the movie, everyone had decided on Ice Age. Orihime, Chad, Rukia, Uryu and Tatsuki sat on the floor sharing two bowls of popcorn while you and Ichigo shared the love seat and a bowl if popcorn. Ichigo and you weren't aware that Orihime, Chad, Uryu, Rukia and Tatsuki planned this out. Making sure you both sat with each other with one bowl of popcorn.

Once the movie started you soon got lost in what was happening. Ichigo leaned over and whispered what had happened so far, just like your mom did. You smiled and whispered back over a thank you. After awhile Orihime had fallen asleep, along with Tatsuki and Rukia. That left Ichigo, you, Uryu and Chad. "Do you guys want to watch another?" Chad asked. You smiled "It doesn't matter to me" "Me neither" Ichigo agreed. He put in a comedy, no one really laughing. Chad soon closed his eyes, falling asleep in a rather painful looking position.

You soon found yourself yawning, but not falling asleep quite yet. You had no interest in this movie what so ever. Soon Ichigo felt your head roll onto his shoulder. 'She most have fallen asleep' he though. He gently pulled you toward him so your head was resting on his shoulder in a much more comfortable position. He smiled at your sleeping figure and lean over, placing a kiss onto your forehead. He soon fell asleep himself.

~Time Skip Morning~

In the night somehow he had shifted so he was resting on his back, you on top of him, hands resting on his chest while both of his were on your back. He shifted a little and opened his eyes to see your sleeping figure on him. He tensed, and then heard a camera go off. Turning to see Tatsuki with a digital camera in her hands. "Why you.." You shifted a little on him, opening your eyes, not that you'd see anything. Once you felt a warm body under you, you shot backwards; pressing your back into the arm rests. You placed a hand on your chest, heaving out I sigh 'I still have clothes on, good' you though to yourself. Both you and Ichigo's cheeks heated up.

"Good morning ______!" Orihime broke the awkward silence. You smiled "Good morning Orihime.” All of you went to the table, eating breakfast. You had toast, Orihime cereal, Chad eggs and the same for Tatsuki, Rukia had pancakes, Uryu had a banana and Ichigo had strawberries with toast. Once you finished you when into the bath room and changed, running a brush thru your long hair then brushing your teeth. Once you came back down you felt Ichigo wind his arm thru yours. "We have to go to a friend of ours, would you mind?" You shook your head "No I don't mind" "Tatsuki said she had to go so it’s just you, me, Chad, Rukia, Uryu and Orihime" you nodded.

Awkward silence had fallen; no one said anything until you were at your destination. "Urahara!" You heard Ichigo greet. Your eyes widened "Urahara?" You asked. Kisuke came out of a room "Oh hello Ichigo...." His sentence sorta stopped. "__-___?" "K-Kisuke?!" He went to hug you but Ichigo moved in front of you "I don't think so old pervert" Ichigo growled "What was he going to do!" Ichigo turned to you "He was going to hug you" "Thanks" you muttered. "Aww! So I can't hug my own niece?!" Ichigo stared at him with a questioning look.

"Niece?!!" He nodded, placing a hand on his hat "Not by blood, by marriage." He sat down at a table and gestured for everyone else to. Ichigo guided you to a spot next to him then turned to Urahara. "Ok, so about this Arrancars business-" Ichigo held his hand out in a 'stop' gesture then pointed to you. Urahara nodded "She knows about everything" Everyone's eyes were on you. "You know about hollows, soul reapers, arrancars, and Menos Grande!" Rukia yelled. You nodded "Yea, why? I mean, I am Urahara’s niece" "If I knew then I would have told you that I'm a substitute soul reaper" your face lit up "You are! Cool!" He smiled. Urahara cut the conversation off and talked on and on about hollows and arrancars.

Once it was all over Ichigo walked you back to your house, saying his goodbyes he walked off, waving to you and your mom. The next week and a half you spend with all your new friends at the beach, parks and Orihime had taught you how to swim. School had come in no time; you didn't mind the dress code, you were just scared you'd get no classes with people you knew. Luckily you had all classes with Ichigo, smiling to yourself as the teachers were forced to have you both next to each other since he was appointed to help you out, through his own free will. Once lunch came by Ichigo introduced you to everyone else, befriending all of them.

On the weekends you mom would let you go out to Orihime’s and Ichigo's for studying purposes, both ended up in stupid games or watching movies, but you still passed with Ichigo's help. About half the school year passed which meant roughly 6 mouths, you and Ichigo had gotten close to kissing multiple times but somehow you were always interrupted, you both had feelings for one another and everyone knew except for you two. One evening Urahara had invited all of you for dinner. Everyone came; Orihime, you, Ichigo, Uryu, Chad, Rukia and a soul reaper named Renji.

You all had chatted throughout the meal; you and Renji had a nice friendship going in the past month. All of you talked about the weather, hollows, and the soul society. You talked with Orihime about coming over some time. It only lasted for about forty five minutes before everyone finished and left to a different room, leaving you and Ichigo alone. "_____?" You raised your head, getting to your feet "Yes Ichigo?" He looked down nervously "Would you like to-AHH!" You heard him yell and when to his side "Ichigo!"

All of a sudden you heard a bone chilling laugh coming from Ichigo, but his laugh didn't sound close to that. You felt him grab your wrists, squeezing them rather tightly. You yelped "Finally I can have my time with you" he grinned, then attached his lips to yours; pressing his body into you so you couldn't get away. You struggled with no use, he was to strong. His hands when to your sides and hips. Squeezing them tightly as well, you whimpered in pain. He pulled back and when to your neck, biting down hard on your delicate skin, drawing blood.

That's when you heard him growl and pull back. You didn't see but his hand when to the mask forming on his face, trying to pull it off. "NO! You can't stop me now!" His voice sounded nothing like Ichigo's, more like the sound went you speech through a fan, yet his sprit pressure was the only thing in the same room as you. He returned to your body ”Now that he's out of the way.." His mouth when back to your neck, giving you a hickey while whiles his hands wondered to places that shouldn’t have. That's when Urahara slid open the door to find out what the noise was from. His eyes widened when he saw Hichigo had taken over.

He immediately snatched you away from him bring your trembling body to his chest. "Ichigo!" His hand when to the mask, this time succeeding in pulling it off. He fell to his hands and knees, breathing hard. He ran his finger over his lips, seeing blood; he looked up seeing you huddled against Urahara, trembling. Without saying anything he ran off, away from the shop. "______, go clean up that wound" you nodded, quickly finding the stairs and walking up them. You grabbed a tissue and pressed it against the wound Hichigo had given you, soon placing a band aid on it.

You placed your fingers on your wrist, finding the delicate skin that had brushed hand marks into it. You trembled again, hugging yourself to calm you down. You listened thru the door, Ichigo had returned. "How can I forgive myself when I hurt the one I care about?!" he sounded frustrated "Ichigo, it wasn't you, maybe she'll forgive you." He sighed "Even if she did, I don't want to be near her, what if that happes again." With that you slowly made you way down stairs. Urahara turned to you "Feeling better _____?" You nodded.

You attempted to make your way to the table but almost hit a wall. "_____!" He made it to you in seconds. From behind, he placed a hand on your upper arm, avoiding the bruise, "You were about to run into the wall." When he felt you tense he moved his hand from your arm, feeling so guilty and upset he could just break down right there. He hovered his hand over the bruise; seeing it was identical to his he hugged you from behind, burying his head into your shoulder. "I'm sorry. That wasn’t me." he said in a low voice. You turned around and hugged him, burying your face into his neck "I forgive you Ichigo" he pulled back and took your hand in his, bring it to his lips he gently brushed them against your bruise.

You swallowed hard and leaning up, trying to find his lips. Instead they brushed against his chin, you lean up and little more, being met halfway with his warm lips. He gently wrapped his arms around your waist and leaned into you as you wrapped your arms around his neck. He pulled back, feeling a few tears fall from his eyes he turned away from Urahara, His goal was to protect his friends and the one's he loved, and he ended up hurting you.

"Ichigo, you’re the one for ______." He turned to face a smiling Urahara "Why do you say that?" Urahara smile widened behind his fan "Men don't usually cry, especially men like you. Seeing you shed a tear over _____ proves you’re the perfect man." Your hand when to his cheek, gently stroking it and feeling moisture you smiled. Ichigo smiled back down on you; bringing you close to him he gently kissed your forehead.

~Time Skip~

Once you both left Urahara’s around 6 he took you to his house for dinner. He had his fingers intertwined with yours as he led you up the steps. He unlocked the door and walked in, bringing you with him. “ICHIGO!!” you hear a man’s voice yell. Isshin jumped forward in an attempt to kick Ichigo. Ichigo pulled you behind him and kicked him directly in the face, sending him into the wall. “Still sharp on your senses I see!” he got up and rubbed his nose. “Hi to you to”Ichigo said sarcastically.

“Oh! Who is this beautiful young lady?” Ichigo moved to the side a bit. “____, this is my dad, dad, this is _____” he smiled and took your hand “Nice to meet you, you can call me Isshin. Are you Ichigo’s girlfriend?” you turned a little red at his question. “Yes! She is, and will be having dinner here. Ok?” he nodded and walked off, not mentioning your sight. Ichigo took your hand in his again and walk in further, stopping for a moment and releasing your hand to pull out a chair.

He took your hand in his and the other grasped your elbow, guiding you to the chair. You smiled “Thank you” “You’re welcome” He sat down next to you “Would you like some rice?” you nodded “Yes please” “A little or a lot?” you thought for a moment “A little” Karin and Yuzu introduced themselves to you once they were seated at the table. You reached your hand out for your rice but found nothing. “Say ahhhh” you turned your head in Ichigo’s direction “Ichigo wha-“ you were cut off by chop sticks being shoved into your mouth. “Eat up” Ichigo said in a bored tone. You attempted to speak thru the rice. “Don’t talk with your mouth full, you might choke”

You chew quickly then swallowed “Ichigo I-“ once again he shoved rice into your mouth “Quick talking, you need your nutrition” you gave in, not really being a bill to stop him you opened your mouth willingly. You couldn’t help but feel helpless, Ichigo feeding you made you feel like a baby. The next bit you tasted something bitter, something you hated, it was…..Miso. You swallowed it down. “Was that miso?!”

“Yea, why?” you covered your mouth with your hand and mumbled “I hate Miso!” Ichigo sighed “You’re going to eat it!” “NO!” “It’s good for you!” you shook your head “I don’t want any!” He reached over and poked you in the side, causing you to open your mouth and yelp. Taking his opportunity he shoved miso into your mouth. Isshin was giving Ichigo was perverted smirk. “What’s that look for?!” Ichigo glared at his father. “Oh, nothing!” he went back to eating. “Ya know, they make a cute couple” Yuzu whispered to Karin “Yea, they do”
Here it is, the endding :iconadorableplz: if anyone does thinks I should continute just ask.

Chapter 1:wildwolf1111111111.deviantart.…
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Ichigo= "strawberry" In Japanese.
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omg I read this and not even two seconds later my mom comes in with my bleach soul reaper costume I made  but lost for this last h-day and strawberries and jam on crackers ( im not a fan of tost) for me I just face palmed twice . one when I say im hungry and this happens and two is she flipping sikick
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