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October 2, 2013
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You almost tripped as you shot down the stairs after Neji. You had almost forgot to wake up early enough. Last night you had over heard that Neji had been assigned his first A ranked mission. Just as Neji was about to walk out, you extended your small hand and grabbed a hold of his hair and yanked on it, sending him falling back.

Once he was on the ground you climbed on his waist and pressed your hands to his chest. "What are you doing ______?!" He yelled. "I won't let you go in that mission!" You cried. "I have to, it's my job" You were part of the higher Hyuga clan, while Neji was of the lower.

So they always had him babysit you, so naturally you started to see him as a big brother. "No! Then you won't return just like daddy!" You father had gone on an A ranked mission and hadn’t returned for about a year, so you refused to allow Neji to go on one.

"______..I'll be fine. Ok?" You dropped your small head to his chest and started crying. "I-I won't let you!" you cried in between sobs. He sat up and held you, softly stroking your hair.

"I'll be fine, I'm a strong ninja" "S-So was daddy" he gently wiped the tears running down your face. "Be strong, ok? I'll be back before you know it" “….Promise..?” you held up your tiny pinkie. “..Promise” Neji interlocked his pinkie with yours. “You better or I will personally come down there and drag you back!” He laughed.

You yawned, remembering that you fell asleep pretty late last night. Neji gently picked up and carried you back up to your bedroom as you were falling asleep. He laid you down on the bed and pulled the covers over your shoulders.

“I’ll be back soon” he whispered as he leaned down and kissed your forehead.
I just love Neji :iconheartrollplz: I can't wait to start other little readers!
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YES. JUST YES. YOU ARE MY NEW BEST FRIEND. *Also puts Dave like sunglasses on*
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